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Station 2 Existing Conditions

The current Berwyn Fire Company Main Station, located at 23 Bridge Avenue, Berwyn, was constructed over 94 years ago. Although the station has been added to over the decades, it no longer adequately serves the needs of the Tredyffrin Township Community. 

The building is expensive to maintain and was outgrown years ago. It does not meet current local, state and federal codes, nor NFPA and OSHA standards. It also does not meet ADA Accessibility standards, nor does it have a sprinkler system.  This space is not designed with hot / warm / cold zones to keep carcinogens and other toxins away from our nine full-time and 27 part-time employees, along with the 70 Volunteers that use the building.

There is no location to properly decontaminate gear, only ONE (co-ed) shower, and very inadequate sleeping and administrative spaces. We have been forced to purchase sheds to store equipment and supplies. We have outgrown this space and it is time for a station that meets the needs for a very robust and busy Fire Company.


Station 102 Existing Conditions

After much discussion and research over the years, the Tredyffrin Township Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the purchase of a 6.3 acre tract at 1485 Valley Forge Road for $1.8 million on July 18, 2022 to construct a permanent fire/EMS substation.


This progressive action allowed us to move out of a temporary tent and office space at 1100 West Valley Road at the Neuman Professional Building into the existing building that sits on the property. In addition, an emergency vehicle pole barn was built to house apparatus at the rear of the property. Our volunteers and career staff have office space, sleeping quarters and bathrooms inside the existing building that can be accessed 24x7.

A Class A Fire Engine, Advanced Life Support Ambulance and Portable Light Tower are currently housed at this location. 


The response time to emergencies continues to dramatically improve to the residents of Chesterbrook, Glenhardie and the Swedesford Corridor as compared to responses from the Main Station in Berwyn.

As we get ready to start construction on the Main Station in 2023, this space will allow us to move additional vehicles and equipment to be properly stored until the project is completed.




Combination Laundry Room and Bunk Room


4-Bay Steel Pole Barn.




Combination Laundry Room and Bunk Room


Computer / Radio




Combination Laundry Room and Bunk Room

4-Bay Steel Pole Barn.





Combination Laundry Room and Bunk Room


Kitchen / Eating Area.




Combination Laundry Room and Bunk Room


Break Room For Staff.




Combination Laundry Room and Bunk Room


One of Two Private Bedrooms.

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