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  • How many square miles does the Berwyn Fire Company service?
    BFC services 15.52 square miles in Tredyffrin & Easttown. Easttown Township Fire & EMS Coverage Map Tredyffrin Township Fire & EMS Coverage Map
  • What is the estimated population of residents served by Berwyn Fire Company?
    Tredyffrin Township has a population of 31,927 Berwyn Fire Company serves 20,122 residents Paoli Fire Company serves 7,939 residents Radnor Fire Company serves 3,866 residents Easttown Township has a population of 10,984 Berwyn Fire Company serves 8,430 residents Paoli Fire Company serves 2,554 residents.
  • What Fire/Rescue vehicles would be located at a new Substation and how much would those vehicles cost?
    We will house 1 Class A Fire Pumper (Engine), 1 Aerial Truck (Quint), 2 Advanced Life Support Ambulances, and our ATV. None of these are new equipment - we would be redistributing assets currently housed at our Easttown Station. We have a 20-year capital apparatus replacement plan that helps us plan for these purchases.
  • Why not build the Substation somewhere else – like near the Township Building or out Swedesford Road?
    Simply put? Data! - Years of data from the Chester County Department of Emergency Services on historical call density and drive times put the ideal location in the area of Valley Forge Road between the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Rt. 202. This location allows us to serve the greatest number of people. The South/West side of Chesterbrook serves Chesterbrook residents, but not those in Glenhardie or out the Swedesford Corridor for example. The opposite is true if we built out Swedesford Road towards King of Prussia.
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