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Station 2 (Main Station)

Berwyn Fire Company's Station 2 is located at 23 Bridge Avenue. This station was built in 1929 and has undergone numerous expansions, renovations and repairs over the last 94 years.

It is no longer feasible to further repair and update the building to current OHSA, NFPA and Building Codes.

Over the last 30 years' Berwyn Fire Company has acquired four adjoining properties in anticipation of the footprint requirements of a new Fire Station. 

Station 2 new color 1.png


Station 2 new color 2.png

Station 2 Budgetary Costs

We have received a preliminary construction budget of $6.8 million - $7.2 million (open-shop) and $8.2 million - $8.6 million (prevailing wage). Prevailing wage is union workers and may be required based upon grants and funding that we hope to receive for the project.


In addition to hard construction costs, we will be looking at $500,000 or so in "soft costs" for the project. These soft costs include unknowns at the time of budget, as well as costs like temporary housing for our personnel and apparatus while the construction work is completed. 

Station 2 Renderings

Station 2 Site Plan

The current site plan effectively works around the cell tower. We rely on the Cell Tower rental income to support operations. As such, it will remain. This design does not use two properties that we own (743 Berwyn Avenue & 737 Berwyn Avenue). If the design proceeds as is we will have the option to sell these properties and use the proceeds to help fund the project. We will also be using both properties for temporary housing of personnel and emergency vehicles to limit service delivery interruption during construction.

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Station 2 Site Plan.JPG

Station 2 First Floor

The First Floor plan utilizes the concept of hot (red), warm (yellow), and cold (green) zones to effectively separate personnel and equipment from exhaust carcinogens and other toxins.


Crew space includes a break room / kitchen and TV room.

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Station 2 1st Floor.JPG

Station 2 Second Floor

The 2nd floor houses crew quarters, bathrooms, showers, offices and a multi-purpose meeting room.

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Station 2 2nd Floor.JPG

Station 2 Basement

The basement plan includes a mechanical room, storage, and a fitness area for our personnel.

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Station 2 Basement.JPG
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