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Station 102 (Substation)

Berwyn Fire Company's substation is located at 1100 West Valley Road, near the Gateway Shopping Center.

Thanks to the generosity of the Neuman Family, we have been able to utilize a temporary tent structure in the parking lot to house a Class A Fire Engine and Advanced Life Support Ambulance. We also rent office space on the second floor for crew quarters.

While this has been a great improvement to response times, we can do much better with a permanent structure that meets our operational needs.. 

Station 102 Front.JPG
Station 102 Side 2.JPG


Station 102 Side 1.JPG

Station 102 Budgetary Costs

We have received a preliminary construction budget of $4.5 million - $4.9 million (open-shop) and $5.3 million - $5.7 million (prevailing wage). Prevailing wage is union workers and may be required based upon grants and funding that we hope to receive for the project.


In addition to hard construction costs, we will be looking at $400,000 or so in "soft costs" for the project. These soft costs include unknowns at the time of budget, as well as costs like temporary housing for our personnel and apparatus while the construction work is completed. 

Station 102 Site Plan

The current site plan shows the Sub Station on a portion of the open-space on Anthony Wayne Drive near Valley Forge Road. This is across the street from the Valley Forge Motor Court and Sherwin Williams paint.


Years of data shows that this location is the best location to serve the greatest number of residents. We have been in contact with the parcel owners and hope to work a deal.


We are also sourcing and evaluating a number of other locations for the Substation. 

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Station 102 Site Plan.JPG

Station 102 First Floor

The Sub Station is being designed as a single story building with no basement. The plan utilizes the concept of hot (red), warm (yellow), and cold (green) zones to effectively separate personnel and equipment from exhaust carcinogens and other toxins.

Crew space includes a break room / kitchen and TV room.

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Station 102 1st Floor.JPG
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